St. Philip's R.C. Primary School

Mission Statement

Our mission:

St. Philip's is a Catholic school and has the life and teaching of Jesus Christ as its foundation.

Through the Catholic ethos of our school and through the celebration of feasts and the Church's seasons, the children come to know Jesus Christ as a person and friend who guides them through life.

Our mission is to provide a Catholic education with a curriculum that is broad and balanced with R.E. at its core.

We aim to achieve the highest possible standards and to provide for the special needs of our children. We strive also to help each person in the school community to grow in fullness of life and to fulfil their potential.

We recognise that each child is unique and each contribution to school life is valued and accepted.

We work with the parents and people of Our Lady of Dolours parish to teach the Catholic Faith and the moral values of the gospels. In this way, we serve them and through them the wider community.

Pupil Version of The Mission Statement:

At St. Philip's RC School, I will learn that:

Jesus is my friend.

He looks after me each and every day.

When we read bible stories, we learn lots about Jesus.

Jesus did a lot of wonderful things to help others.

Each and every day, I should try to become more like Jesus and copy His example.

I should always try and do my best.

If I find something difficult, my teachers will help me.

God has given me lots of talents which he wants me to use.

Although we are all very different, we are all God’s children. We should always treat each other nicely and with respect.

God should be proud of all that I do in school, at home, in the parish and in the community.

St. Philip's R.C. Primary School St. Philip's R.C. Primary School St. Philip's R.C. Primary School St. Philip's R.C. Primary School