Curriculum Statement of Intent

This declaration and our Mission Statement as a whole, is central to all aspects of school life and is the source of inspiration for our school curriculum.

By developing children spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, we believe children are better equipped to face the diverse and ever changing world that we live in; ready to thrive and contribute positively to life in modern Britain and indeed globally.

We offer all children the opportunity to fulfil their potential in a learning environment that is joyful, supportive and stimulating - an environment in which children can learn through a rich tapestry of learning experiences that are thoughtfully crafted to cater for different learning styles, abilities and needs. By celebrating our God-given uniqueness, children are able to develop their skills and knowledge in a wide range of subjects and topics hence developing all aspects of their being.

We strive to equip our children with skills and knowledge to make them independent and resilient learners; learners who are able to make connections, who are adaptable in their approaches and who can express themselves creatively. We aim to develop knowledge and understanding through an enriched creative curriculum as we feel this is the best vehicle for children to explore their God-given gifts and talents and to grow towards the fullness of human living.

At St. Philip’s, the quality of the journey children take when acquiring knowledge and skills determines the quality of outcomes which are achieved. We aim, through high quality teaching and a carefully structured curriculum, to provide a rich range of learning experiences that allow skills and knowledge to flourish, take flight and live long in the memory.